Aconchego do simplicio

Right now I am a bit busy, but soon I'll work in this corner! :)

Ps: hereby I thank gatosalsicha for reminding me of old internet nostalgia. Cheers!

Hei, tämä on minun verkkosivustoni! En osaa puhua suomea kuin perusasiat, jotka opin 6 kuukauden oleskelussani Etelä-Karjalassa. Se on kaunis kieli, jonain päivänä saatan omistautua sille.


Links that made me cry!


This place will look like a mess until I migrate all content scattered in notebooks, forgotten pieces of paper on my drawers and millions of versions of webpages I created before this one. Until all is pretty, organized and full of flashing gifs, consider this page that one drawer that collects all objects that have no other place to be. Enjoy! :)